Hold Your Tongue!


I find as I age, I am maturing. ha! 😉 Actually I am learning. still! And I love what I am learning.
Learning that, I don’t always have to be ready to attack, as soon as anyone says something I don’t like or agree with.
Because I need and want to learn. When I don’t take the time to listen to another person, it is removing their ability to think and
express themselves, an attack of, freedom Of speech. I love this freedom I have acquired over the past 11 years and the greatest part of that freedom is feeling comfortable in my own space and learning from what others do and say. I need to handle
any opposing view, not to be so thin skinned and realize that some one elses point of view is also, not an attack
against me, but an expression of who they are, at that point in their lives. I love that I found a person I can listen to for hours and enjoy listening to.
Being powerful and wise is part of maturing. If we can’t handle some one disagreeing with us, well, the path we are on
is only going to get rougher, because education comes in many forms, not just in a classroom. Developing our own personal codes to live by, then those that love us, should respect and uphold them in our presence.
One blogger said,
“If you want freedom to speak, you must be willing to give it and defend it for others. We can’t just cherry pick what we want to know and ignore the rest.”
There is so much free education in this world, through the world wide web, through libraries, through the people you surround yourself with. Again it is about being thick skinned and not so immature that we get all our panties in a bunch when some one says something we don’t agree with.
” Life is not always beautiful, life can be so unkind to you and others. And unless you are willing to life in harmony and balance with those difficult moments, you are not living in the world around you or able to harness the energies of the world around you.” – P.P.

“I wish you a harmonious weekend! May the Creator bless you with lovely moments that turn into beautiful memories. Take the time today to call or visit your parents, if you are lucky enough to have them still on this earth. And if your parents have passed over, like mine, put your hand over your heart, close your eyes and say, I love you Mom/Dad… knowing that heart beat was given to you by them the day you were born.. for you are their blessing. Love you Mom and Dad into eternity.”











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