Use Your Words Please

I smile when I hear one of my children say to, at the moment when frustrated about something, to one of my grandchildren, “use your words please.” Because they are teaching my grandchildren how to communicate!

As a child there could be a lot of reasons why, I don’t recall either one of my parents saying that to me. It was so different back in the day, when a quiet child was thought to be a obedient child, but all the while, that child was storing all types of feelings and thoughts, some good and some bad, until one day, maybe 30 years later, maybe less, they explode!

Being taught at a young age how to communicate all feelings good or bad, prepares children how to lead productive lives. Of course there will be times we as parents are caught up with life’s problems that we just want quiet time but if we are constantly putting off our children’s need to communicate with us, eventually they will find an outside source to deal with all that pent up chaos, good or bad. Such as, hanging with the wrong crowd, abusing alcohol and drugs and the worse, being sucked into toxic relationships because some one who wants to use them for whatever reason took the time to ask, “how are you?” and listened, well pretended to listen to them. Don’t tell a child to be quiet when their actions are saying more, don’t tell a child to be quiet, all the time, let them talk!

Maybe, just maybe we as adults are the ones with the issue, unable to communicate with others civilly and listen earnestly to what others are saying?

Communication, so important at all stages of life!

Can you hear me now?


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