12 Days 1 Valentine!

This is not a man bashing note because I know there are a few females who can be quite ignorant to the needs of the man in their life as well.
However, at some point the woman you are married to, was some one you chased like she was the prize and for those who don’t believe it, she is the prize and you apparently won!
Women are emotional creatures, again there are a lot of sensitive men as well. But I want to focus on my gender with this one, for the men in their lives that are not attentive to the woman in their lives for the most part and I don’t care what anyone says, Valentine Day, whether commercialized or not, is one day, if you are failing the other 364 days of
the year to get some big brownie points with the lady in your life.


You have 12 days to figure out how you can show the lady in your life, just what she means to you. I am single and want that man who is sensitive to my emotional being, we love to be put on a pedestal by the man in our lives, we love those unexpected terms of endearment and heartfelt surprises. A lot of men say, “I don’t know what to get her”, really? After the length of time you have been with that woman, you don’t have any idea what would make her melt and forget the error of your ways the day before? If that is the case, then you truly are not paying attention to the person you have committed yourself to with some degree.
You have 12 days to make a plan, to figure it out. Plan a date night, one she will never forget – buy that dozen or roses, that piece of jewelry, her favorite chocolates, a spa day gift certificate and if you can not afford none of the above, spend $8.50 on a Valentine card, writing your thoughts on the blank page inside.
Do something, because when men stop feeding their lady’s emotional needs, they are most likely to go in search of some one who can provide that, Your actions as a partner can either teach her what she can live without or appreciate who she is living with.
Remember, if nothing else, a box of chocolates, flowers or any item that expresses your love and appreciation is a lot cheaper at the end of the day, than a divorce will ever be!
2 thumbs up to the men who do it regularly and women if you have that sort of man in your life that makes the effort to treat you like the gem you are to him, count your blessings!
12 days!! Happy Spouse Happy House!

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