Taking The Bus

Choices: I climbed the 3 steps onto the commercial bus, stood on the spot, next to the drivers seat, as every other passenger gawked at me, probably wondering which empty seat I would claim. Scattered empty seats, amid passengers, young and old, some holding their carry on, some with their hoodies hoods over their eyes, just peaking through. The faint sounds of assorted music, coming through cell phone earbuds. A pungent wave engulfed my nasal cavities, making my nose suddenly itch. My overactive bladder began to jiggle like jello, leading my eyes to seek just how far back the tiny stainless steel appliance port-a-potty stall was. At this moment it seemed miles away. Should I sit in the 2nd row empty seat, close to the exit door & walk through the plethora of human body odors to get to the that rear stall of waste or should I make my way to the rear empty seat for the trip, to be succumbed by the raging waterfall of all these humans, waste? My descriptive visions take over, I am now a passenger in, a porta potty on wheels riding life’s highway.


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