Older And Wiser Women

I have many great lady friends, who age from late 20’s to their 60’s. And no matter what our ages, so many of we females believe what the male gender says, as gospel and even some other women will call out on other women because of, either size, age, and or financial status. To the point that when someone pays us compliments, we are not believing it. What a crying shame, that we think the numbers on a scale, the color of our hair, the dollars in our bank account or candles on a birthday cake take such an unhealthy place in our lives. Leaving us, depressed and feeling unworthy of unconditional love. For myself, being over 45 and single for almost 11 years, I have heard it all from NOT a few good men, the reasons why I am single or why they don’t bother with women over 40 something. Below is a few of those statements I have heard, honestly. And if I am hearing them, I am going to assume many other women over 40, have heard them as well.
So the next time someone ask me why am I still single? I am going to laugh and say..
I am way too much woman.. I am an aged, soft body, mother grandmother, loving life, with my sexy self and so sweet, the dental association has a warning out regarding my sweetness, that I may spoil you rotten!! I am made for the stronger ‘man’, who knows what beauty really is and knows I compete with NO other women, does not matter their age, body size or bank account.. I AM INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED!
Why So Many over 50 years old Women are Still Single… statements by men 40+
1. You’re too old
2. You don’t have a tight body
3. You don’t party like I do
4. You remind me of my Mother
5. You spend too much time with your grandchildren
6. You aren’t sexy
7. I need eye candy on my arm
My responses
1. I’m too mature for your punkass!
2. This body could teach your body a few things
3. I’m a social drinker, not an alcoholic
4. If I was your momma, well!!
5. My grandchildren are my rewards for doing something right for this world. What is yours?
6. You wouldn’t know sexy if it hit you upside the heard
7. That sugar on your arm will dissolve as she ages eventually becoming the diamond like me. And you can’t handle this diamond now, I know you can’t when you reach my age!
Here’s to all the mature women, single women, out there, you are beautiful, from the inside out, where it counts! Rise in the morning, count your blessings, Eat healthy, put some color on your cheeks, toss that hair, dress to please yourself and leave your home feeling good about yourself, because you ARE beautiful and worthy of every ray of sunshine that shines down on you today!!

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