Stopping By At AA

It’s Sunday! My day of processing so many thoughts and yes at times I do overthink things. Thank goodness I don’t share all those things with you, your head would be spinning on a daily basis.. lol ..I don’t mind my way of thinking, it has gotten me to a point in my life that I am comfortable with. I have picked and tossed things aside, let go of relations that did not bring some kind of joy to my life. Of course we all have our bad days, no life is perfect, yet it is a joy to be around people that take responsibility of their lives and do their own personal best to make it better, gaining a certain serenity and peace of mind.
One of the things, that has helped me over the years, was working at the 12 step rehab center. A place that you can not understand and become a part of unless you dive into the teachings, to gain knowledge, to gain empathy of the clients you are existing with on  a day to day basis. I was struggling at the time with my own life and it was not with drugs or alcohol, but I will say, that it is the 12 steps that got me through those times. I did alter each step to work for myself, to work for my spiritual and emotional self, for my depressed self.
I thought I would share with you, how I did that. I don’t know if any one has done this as well, but it worked for me and I can honestly say, I would not be here to day if I did not take the time to .. read.. watch.. and listen to all involved, from the employees, employers, bosses and clients. We are on this earth to learn and at times without realizing it teach others… as they ALL did for me.
1. I admitted I was powerless over the darkness of a cloud I was under and needed help to open up my skies again.
2.I really did believe that a Higher Power, greater than myself would help me restore my sanity
3. I made a decision to turn my life over to a program that could and should only enable me to rise above the darkness.
4. I began to look at myself and all that I had packed deep down into my soul over the past 40 years, good and or bad.
5. I admitted to a professional what the nature of the wrongs done to me and the wrongs I may have done to others honestly
6. I began to remove the defects of my character that were only weighing me down daily.
7. I humbled myself to my Higher Power with open arms.
8. I made a list of people who my actions may have caused harm to
9. I wrote a letter to each of those persons, sometimes several letters and not always presenting it to them, yet making peace with myself.
10.  I continue to validate my self and my feelings, being worthy of the greatest attention.
11. I prayed, to my Higher Power,  to gain strength as I continued my journey on this planet earth.
12. And the greatest part of it all , was my spiritual awakening, as a result of taking one day at a time. That spiritual awakening being something so grand, so bright, that I vowed not to let a day pass me by without, inspiring another, so that just maybe.. maybe,. at least one person, will begin to see what a great life we can lead, if we just take the first step on our own personal spiritual journey!!


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