Being In Love vs Loving Love

Being IN love and just loving love are 2 different things to me. Some people need that out side love to get through their days. I can honestly say, I don’t. I need that IN side love, which to me is the strongest love. And that IN love started with me and ends with me. It is something I learnt over the past 7 years, after a lot of soul searching, from professional counselling and self help, I learnt what the difference is. For myself, being IN love is a serious thing versus loving love, which is a playful thing, the cutest, of sex in the afternoon, constant laughing, hand in hand when alone with that one person or in public, where no matter what the other person does, its cute and always an awe moment. I have already enjoyed those loving love moments and guess what? They don’t last. Being IN love comes with stress and tears and those, will he miss me, will I miss him fears? Where you do go to bed together after an argument and have the best making love session with tight squeezes and hard kisses saying I love you over and over. Loving love is a great thing, but it does not last, being IN love with the process, all the grit of getting to know each other and still wanting the other will be IN love for me.

I love me already, I love me very much, that is why I am still single and won’t settle for anything less than being IN love with a man that can match my self love, at least. So I wait for the man worthy of my love and who wants to be IN love.


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