If You Only Knew!!

I wonder at times if people realize what it takes for another person to be on this planet day after day? What struggles they survive and continue to survive because they won’t ask for help or charity. Do you ever look at a person and think, they are living a good life, after all they are dressed nicely, they present themselves in a clean, positive way, so they must be living a happy life, right? Look at them, they are smiling! They are happy! They are not skinny or look pale in skin color, they are healthy looking, well fed. They are living a good life.
They don’t complain on a daily basis or hardly ever about life, so they must be living a good life and are happy!
Ohh, but if you only knew..
…how much pain physically that person was in, under that smile.
..if you only knew, the emotionaly pain that person goes through on a daily basis, because they don’t want to come across as a complainer or whiner.
.. if you only knew what that person went without in the food cupboard this month so they could enjoy a night out or pick up that personal item, to treat themselves.
.. if you only know how much pasta and breads were in their cupbaord because they can’t afford fresh veggies and fruit on a daily basis.
..if you only knew that few extra pounds is hiding a very sad person, most of the time.
..if you only knew how many singles of all ages were living below the poverty line set in Ontario and won’t complain.
..if you only knew how much it hurts that person to hear you are tired of paying their way in life with tax dollars off your paycheck.
..if you only knew how many that live below the poverty line are there because of a mental or physical disability, but don’t want to say out loud, in fear of being judged.
… if you only knew how blessed you are to have a good paying job, a new car, a beautiful home, cupboards full of food, children never wanting for anything because all they have to do is ask.
..if you only knew how close you are to living a life of poverty..
..if you only knew…..how much your words hurt.
.. if you only knew, that person did not wake up one day and say, I want to live a life of poverty for the rest of my life and be labelled by society. Because society will judge.. always..  whether it be about, your race, color, religion, weight, income source or something as simple as what side of the street you walk on…
.. if you only knew…  the first person who would open their door and heart to you would be the person you judged yesterday..
.. if you only knew….

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