Comparing Apples To Oranges?


I am sitting here eating an apple, looking at it, liking it’s sweet taste and I thought about when I bought 3 apples the other day, I was with my eldest daughter Mackenzie. I stood in front of a chit load of assorted apples in the store and asked her, “which one is the sweetest here, I want a sweet apple.” She answered without a 2nd thought, “The Gala apples, Mom.” So I took 3 galas and yes, there are perfectly sweet.
As I am eating this apple I started to think about when I was a wee gal and why don’t I know more about apples? Back in the day, when Dad or Mom brought groceries home, there was no question about what type of apple they brought home or if it was bananas or oranges, we ate what was set before us. Whether it was at the dining room table or in our school lunch. And we did not have such an array of choices that we grew to like or dislike any one food to any great degree. An apple was an apple, a pot of stew, was a meal, a scratch cake was a dessert. We were raised on the staples and well fed.
Yet today, the children are given so many choices, I think they have information overload. Mom would give us either cereal or toast with hot chocolate for breakfast. We were not asked what we wanted and given a choice of, eggs, waffles, pancakes, toast, cereal, pop tarts, fresh fruit.. I think by the time a parent names off the 3rd of 4th item, the kid forgot what the question was.
I think getting back to the basics, the staples in life would teach our children how to appreciate anything more or in some cases better. There is so much food allergies and cancers these days along with mental chemical imbalances.. I wonder why huh? too much garbage food out there.
And yes I can hear some of readers saying, they don’t have time to cook, they have to work. or that is why I want my children to have the choices because I didn’t.
I just think we need to get a balance back into our lives..
.. is that like comparing apples to oranges? Am I biting off more than I can chew with these thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Comparing Apples To Oranges?

  1. Apples/Oranges>>>We see that you are giving your readers a real chance to gnaw away or sink their teeth into this fleshy matter. To salivate over the tantalizing aroma of the ideas you have presented. To taste the sweetness or bitterness of their choices. To slice or quarter their own formatted ides before offering them on a platter for others to sample. Waiting now to see what else you have to offer up to us.


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