The Tables have Turned..

Remember the days when your parents just had to look at you in a certain way, you knew, that boldness, the  ignorance, that’s about to come out of your mouth, was not going to be tolerated, no way, now how.
Yet these days, we old school mother and fathers are walking around with our mouths hanging open at the things the younger generation have the audacity to even say to a parent or elder, whether we are in ear shot of an offence about to happen or if it is happening to our selves.
It blows my mind.. and they wonder why people over 40 are in counselling, to reduce the urge to want to take that child out as quick as they brought them into the world… LOL…. Dang!
That’s a little scare tactic that I would use on my son.. “Do it again and I will take you out of this world as fast as I brought you into it my boy!”
And it I was the tough parent and I’m sure my
children were thinking, “When is Dad going to be home?”.. LOL..
As where most Mother’s would say..”you wait till your father gets home!”
.. Not me, I believe tend to the crime at the time, there’s no parole here, just the sentencing after the facts…LOL
Where the hell did our generation go wrong? I am sure there is plenty of elders who would want to apologize to the rest of the world, if we screwed up somewhere along the way.
It does not matter, rich or poor, big or small, ghetto or gala, today’s young ones have turned the table some how..
……just saying.
— life is funny at times and when it’s not, we need to make it funny–

One thought on “The Tables have Turned..

  1. When people with no children wrote books on how to raise children and imposed their form of social conscious by way of government edicts on society ( ie: no spanking ) that is when we lost control of the behavioural upbringing of our offspring.


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