It’s Not Rocket Science!


Its 11:11pm and I am awake with my thoughts running amuck. I have alot on my mind, including family that is ill, a bloody goat I cant find its origin, my own health and happiness, my children’s health and happiness, a death anniversary date on January 20th, so much more and Oprah in the background promoting, Weight Watchers on a tv commercial, cause she apparently bought stock in the  Sure Oprah, give me something else to think about. To be honest I have been working on that good old diet in the past months, the goal being to loose 1/2 a pound a week.. See!, I am distracted again.. grrrr.. is that how most of your day is as well?..
Between, work, family, friends, health, money and so much more, you are feeling like you’re being spread too thin? Oh boy and I have not even got into how technology has taken over our lives to such a great degree. Everyone has a cell phone, a tablet, a lap top and I bet for most, all three are running at some point in the house. Heck, many even bring their cell phone or tablet to the bathroom with them to go through email or check facebook status messages. It’s information overload!! Are things going to get worse? Well, at this rate, so what do we do for ourselves to get a decent routine, to pace ourselves, that we are not ending up bed ridden for any length of time because of exhaustion, which can lower the immune system, bringing on so many sicknesses.
Before I relocated to where I am now living, I use to walk 3 kilometers a day and I loved it. I was addicted to walking! I felt it when I did not walk, I felt it in my joints, my entire body and my mind. things start seizing up, my thoughts get scrambled. I got caught up with things happening over the summer, that I just did not have the energy to get that daily walk in. And no one is to blame for that, but myself. I don’t like the word blame, I will just say, fell out of step with my self care. So I think pacing myself again is what I need to do, to get things back on track. And that does not mean, spreading everything out equally because I want to give my ‘self’, the majority of my time. With a 20 minute nap, with some low music, closing my eyes, with a walk around the block, with a bubble bath and at no times when I do these things am I to have any technology on my being.. no cell, no tablet! No checking email or facebook when I am sitting quiet… just breath! Just concentrate on my core, slowly making my way to the outside self.. so, spiritual me first, mentally me second, physically me 3rd and the rest of the world 4th.. . because if I am not up to par, neither will my world be up to par.. as I want it to be. I am only in control of my ‘self’ What ever happens after that self care, I then will have the energy to take on any good, any bad.
Tony Schwartz – CEO of The Energy Project is quoted at The Huffington Post…
“”It’s like having water poured into a glass continuously all day long, so whatever was there at the top has to spill out as the new water comes down. We’re constantly losing the information that’s just come in — we’re constantly replacing it, and there’s no place to hold what you’ve already gotten. It makes for a very superficial experience; you’ve only got whatever’s in your mind at the moment. And it’s hard for people to metabolize and make sense of the information because there’s so much coming at them and they’re so drawn to it. You end up feeling overwhelmed because what you have is an endless amount of facts without a way of connecting them into a meaningful story.”
Join me and slow down in 2016.. give it 6 months, to make it a great habit to pace yourself.. do it for yourself first, then the rest of your world…  no regrets!

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