Room review: Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay light up your heart

I went with my sister to watch this movie at the theatre.. I will say this.. it is the ONLY movie I did not take 3 minutes to visit the little girls room while it was playing… it is that good.. I can’t wait for it to come on DVD, so I can encourage everyone I know to watch it. 4 Thumbs Up!

Film and Nuance

When you watch a film long into the credits scene, that’s when you know what’s good. People of the academy may be backing journalistic drama Spotlight, others might revel in the savagery of The Revenant or Mad Max, and perhaps some of you are singing Carol’s romantic tunes. But I knew right after watching this intense film that I felt different; I felt somehow more connected, more touched, more emotional. It unlocked all the tenderness between mother and child when the confines of their prison was clearly shut close. It wasn’t easy though. With a vision in mind for her little one, Ma painstakingly deconstructs the Plato’s cave into a magical place for Jack to make sense of things. She has constructed an imaginary world which has meaning far beyond the arbitrary value of things in Room itself. How they live and adapt and brave their difficulties throughout their whole…

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