Name Calling

I have a great friend, an Ojibway elder, named, Mawla Shawana. He has visited with me, taught me a lot about my culture and there is still so much I have to learn. At the same time, I know he listened to what I had to say about many things. Recently he gave me a native name..

Gwaamjiged Dibik Giizis Kwe……. Looking on Guard Moon Woman

It has been a very busy year, that I have not been able to concentrate on my studying of native culture and my writing. So my plan is over the winter and into the summer,  work on all projects.

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One thought on “Name Calling

  1. A name has power in it so am glad you have finally received one. Though can you explain better how it was arrived at? To us Looking = seeking/searching, on guard is that personal or cultural, moon woman= moon is the natural symbol of women yet is something that not only rules the night but drives back the darkness with its’ light. Are we even close here ? Ourself 40 years ago was given the moniker Giigoo for our dealings with a Native movement.


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