Classy Starts From The Inside


March 1961 was a great year.. it was the year I was born. 🙂 I am the 4th child, first daughter of 5 girls along with 6 brothers born to my parents. Yes, we are a big family.
I often wonder what Mom was feeling when after 3 boys, her first girl was born. I know she loved to dress me up in dresses, all the time, with pretty pink coats and bonnets. I wore dresses and skirts to school, pretty much in any grade. Today I still love wearing skirts and dresses.
Mom taught me how to be a mother, my maternal instinct was strong even back as a young girl. I would help with younger siblings and babysat outside the home a lot as a pre-teen and teenager.
I recall Mom never going without lipstick and I use to find it funny, how she would put curlers in her hair, go to town running errands, then once home, took the curlers out, back combing her hair for the rest of the day at home. For myself now, I won’t leave home without my hair done and make up to refresh my face and of course lipstick, like Mom use to. I love being a woman and my feminine side and the class I do have, I owe to Mom.
I was never a tomboy type. Yes I tried a few times, but it was out of my element, I had to go back to be the girly girl.
I am quite comfortable with who I am these days and how I carry myself.
I will never understand how young women can go out of the house to a mall with pj bottoms on. PJ pants are for bedtime, evening wear. I will say that in the past year, there are those young women who have taken interest in how they present themselves. The world does not know what you’re wearing under you jeans or top. When you are comfortable with who you are as a woman, knowing yourself that you have on a lacey/satin underlings will make you feel classy/sexy and we tend to carry ourselves as how we feel inside.
Yes, there are the natural beauties, who don’t have to go that extra mile when it comes to presentation, we can envy them, yet be happy for them.
I recall when I was in my 30’s, we were out of town with another couple, I was the one doing my hair and makeup before going out that morning from the motel. The husband of my friend, come into the room with coffee, seen me putting make up on at the mirror and asked me, “Why are you doing that? You are not going to be with your husband all day, you’ll be with my wife.”
To which I answered, I don’t do this for my husband, I do it for myself.
Whether you’re a man or woman, do what you want to feel good about you.
Yes beauty starts from the inside out, but there is nothing wrong with wrapping a great gift with some fancy wrapping, is there?



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