Todays Agenda


A special person in my life, one of my sister in laws is battling cancer at the moment. I went to visit her and my brother yesterday, brought them a Christmas gift and stayed for a short visit. After hugs and I love you’s, she started to tell me about what she is going through on a day to day basis. And I knew she had her plate full with her treatments, but the extent of what she is going through and how she is coping, truly amazes me to no end. She told me how one day last week was not such a good day when she was out. Without going into detail, lets just say, if it was me, I would of just sat there and so frustrated, would of cried and called out for help. But, not this lady. my Lord I admire her. The strength and even with all she is going through, her inspirational thoughts come through.
Then we started talking about the big 60 million dollar lottery draw and what we would do different. What she said to me, her thoughts, are something I will remember forever.
How we all, well most of us, wish we had more money, are not happy with what we have. She stated that if she won a lottery last night, her today, would stay the same. She still needed to rest, she still needed to fight this disease. She was not going anywhere, any time soon. That she had all she needed in her life, today. . good days, some nights where she does sleep, her children, grandchildren, my brother and the rest of her family, who will visit with her a bit over the holidays. But we all know, with her chemo lasting up till Christmas eve, we may not be able to see her. She needs to rest and heal.
Yes, yesterday was an eye opener day for me, again. I always cross paths with the right people at the right time, in my life.
When we are doubting life, when we are wanting more, when we are blaming others for our own unhappiness.. maybe we should stop and think of the people who are dealing with diseases like cancer, who are dealing with depression and PTSD on a daily basis.
No one wakes in the morning and wishes they were sick with any disease, and any person who is coping with any of those diseases, is not thinking of how much money they don’t have or how many gifts are not under the tree. They are thinking about the here and now, how blessed they are, to wake in the morning, to be able to say good night to a loved one.
Don’t wish for more this Christmas, desire to appreciate what you do have… life!!

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