Once Upon A Picky Eater.



I am not sure what percentage of families have a picky eater, but I do have a picky eater.. a 6 year old grand-daughter. Cute as a button she is, feisty, intelligent, but oh so picky at meal time. I don’t recall it being that way when I was growing up. I mean, there was not many kids who did not eat what was placed in front of them, because if they did, they would be going without. So where is this whole new era of fussy eaters coming from?

I made Christmas dinner last year and I added to the mashed potatoes, parsley and some other seasoning. As I was mashing them, my daughter gasped, “Mom!, what have you done? She won’t eat those now.” I was like a deer in headlights, “Huh?”…lol. My daughter called over the wee one and asked her to taste the mashed potatoes explaining that Nana had added a wee bit of spice to them. She took a half teaspoon full into her mouth and began to gag with her head bent over and tongue hanging out.. lol.. Being who I am, I said to my daughter, “Well first off, you just talked to her as if there was a potato problem, even before she tasted them.” But I thought I best keep my comments to myself and let her do what she needs to, so her daughter will have something to eat. She told me, “She loves mashed potatoes, she dips her dill pickle into them. I am taking a run to the store and picking up a can of mushroom soup for her, be right back.” And off she went. I looked around my kitchen at all the great food my three children, their spouses and grandbabes were about to enjoy and here is my eldest running to the corner store to get a can of mushroom soup?.. lol

Oh well, what can I do? Not a thing. I raised my children already but boy oh boy, how times have changed.. dill pickles dipped in mashed potatoes?..

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