Does She Love Him?

On September 12, 2015 my son married the love of his life. Weeks before that day, I spent a lot of time with the bride to be, my one and only ever daughter in law. I took that serious, for a couple reasons. One, she was the woman to be the priority in my sons life. Second, she would be the mother of any children they would had and or have.

Over time I had to learn to back up, not invade a new space made for her in his life and to be honest I was very happy to do that. She was one of those young women that you could not help by love. She was always happy and got along well with everyone in her life.

But still, did she really love my son, like I think he deserves to be loved?

My answer come one day, when I was going out of town with her, shopping. My son was also running errands, but in his vehicle and I was with my daughter to be, in her car. We were driving along, chatting and I could see a smile come across her face, as my son passed us on the highway. I asked her, if she really loved my son and what that meant to her. She never felt I was invading her space and always answered my questions because she knew how much I cared for all my children, grandchildren.

She said, “Yes,  Even to this moment, just seeing him drive by me, gives me shivers all over my entire body. I love him so much.”

That was enough for me. I knew from that point, over time, that love was going to grow as they did and they would learn to be tolerant of any changes as well as accepting of any shortcomings either of them would or do have.

I have gained a daughter.. on September 12, 2015..sincerely!12036519_1511363629175731_2723465797113204629_n


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