Behold! You’re Beautiful!



The first thing when connecting to another human being will be the sense of vision. With many, that is the trait they will judge another on. Men are known to have a strong sense of vision and a lot of times let it over-ride their common sense, more so than women. I won’t use my own first instinct, I tend to dig deeper with people I just meet and even with people I may have known for any amount of time. I will be one of the first ones, that will say, “But, you don’t even know me.”, when another person makes a quick judgement call about me, good or bad, based on my smile and a pancake. 😉

In this world of social media, vision is pretty much what we all tend to LIKE about someone. And that is fine, but the next person on any list who may not be visually attracting will not get the LIKES. When myself or another person will know what type of character/personality, that photogenic person has and if some really knew, they would be disgusted, yet the not so visually appealing person still feels, if not more, just not so beautiful or handsom, because they are basing their beauty on a LIKE system. That makes me sad. So I like to uplift, empower and praise the not so popular young people, male or females in my world. They will be the warriors, the strong, and have the greatest empathy for others, based on their own life experiences.

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it is so much more than that.. A persons true beauty is deep, is spiritual, is in all the things they do, and how they treat the other people in the world around them. That is beautiful!




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