My Top Shelf Is Bare!


I love the feeling of having purged so much crap before moving into a new home, but once I start unpacking, I wonder why I did not toss more out. OMG, I hate unpacking! Even groceries, I hate it with a passion, but it is one of those things one must do. Having my daughters and granddaughters help me on moving day with the unpacking was a God send!. But once the dust settles and you start looking for things that I use on a daily basis, I can’t find them, then the phone calls to the little helpers start.. Where is this? Where is that?

Slowly I am finding things and it is funny how those missing things are never that far away, actually they are just out of reach… on a top shelf!!! Being 4’10” tall, everything is pretty much top shelf reach for me and everyone else is taller than me. So, where are my mixing bowls, my every day plastics? On a top shelf! I end up having to grab an ottoman to get that extra 12 inches to reach things all my little helpers have put out of reach for me.. I laugh because I know they will laugh when I tell them what my dilemma of the day was. It is just one of those things that keep life interesting for me and how my height is something that can start a great conversation among a few.

So the next time you open a short person’s cupboard, everything on the top shelf is things that don’t use pretty much.. Or better yet… like me.. My top shelf is bare!


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