Every Day Is My Mother’s Day


I remember as I went through boxes of your clothes after you passed over. How your scent rose from the box, I took a piece, raised it up and laid my face upon it, like it was your shoulder and I cried, like a baby, cause I was your baby, I am your baby! I remember your laughter, your tight hugs before I left your house. And I remember how you would phone me and tell me things that I told you a few days before, because you forgot I did, but that was okay, at least I got to hear your voice and your opinion once again. I remember how at the end of our phone calls you use to say, “Don’t forget I love you.” and that made me smile, because I wondered, how could I ever forget my Mothers love. Yes, through the years, there were days, we would challenge each other, as 2 strong women could do. But I will never forget, I am the woman today, because of the challenges, I am the woman today, because of the love, I am the woman today, because YOU were my Mother and if the Creator told me I could relive my life, I would pray that I could be blessed to have you as my Mother a second time. I love you Mom and I won’t wait till Mother’s Day to let you know, that even though you have passed over and the pain never goes away, that how blessed I am to have been able to have such a great lady in my life, on this earth..and because of that, I can testify to love!! REST IN PEACE Momma..




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