A Young Woman In An Old World


You can not live to be a 53 year old woman and not have gained experience over those years, about all the trials and tribulations on the path to being a woman. I think the toughest years for a young lady are from 12 years old to 29. I know it was for me and it was even harder because I became pregnant at the age of 16 and became a mother at the old age of 17. To look at the 17 year olds now and myself back then, I wonder if my mentality was the same, I can’t say for any great certainty it was. But I did know I had to take care of the child I brought into the world, that the baby in front of me, her needs came first. Then I raised 2 daughters and seen all the stages they went through. But those trials and tribulations don’t end at 29 years old, they are fewer yet bigger and we learn how to deal with them.

I try to give the best advice I can, as a mother of 2 young women, a friend of many young women and each young lady is different, at different stages. So the best thing I want to suggest today is begin to write things down.. Your hopes and dreams, your pains and heartaches and hopefully over time, your hopes and dreams shine brighter than the pains and heartaches.

Write things down with an agenda, to make a difference in your life even before there is any great event that may make you sad or leave you wondering why it has happened. A lot of the times there is and won’t be any explanation why things happen. We won’t always understand why people do things, but learning to cope in a world of misunderstanding will benefit you on the worst of days.

Write about where your faith lies and how it gets you through your days. Write about what you love in nature, what you love about yourself. Always write at least one thing a day that you love about yourself! Write about what you have done good in the past week, even the smallest thing, that can mean so much to another person. Write your own prayer and add to it monthly. Write about who you have or can forgive, even if you don’t say it out loud to them, learn to say, “I forgive you” and most importantly, learn to forgive yourself!

Once you begin writing, you will see how it becomes a great outlet in your life, how you begin to feel at peace with yourself and content with where you are in your life. Because it is all about this exact moment and you!

And for heavens sake and all those around you.. Smile!!.. You just may be surprised how many lives you can touch with such a simple gesture.


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