A New Year & The Journey Begins

The scariest part for myself to inner peace was retrieving my spirit from where I left it, on the path of life, thus far.
Depression, suicide, low self worth and all frustrations of the mental and emotional self have to do with the lack of the spiritual self. Where did we leave it? With the person who abused us for years, sexually, mentally, emotionally, verbally or as a soldier, on a battlefield? It’s all about taking back what is rightfully ours and that means going back to that dark place, not physically, but by sending a spirit guide. First we must seek out our spirit guide, then only when we are ready, release and retrieve. It will not be an over night journey. It takes time and energy, but time and energy well spent.. Spent on you!! Some will see you as selfish, while on this journey, but it is your journey, not theirs! Some will be by your side, every step of the way, with the hand of friendship extended when you need to be lifted. Just remember, when you do fall to your knees, take that time to pray!! Because our Higher Power is the greatest support and love unconditional we will ever have. If you have read this far, know that your journey has just begun. You’re almost there! God Speed!!


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