But I’m Not An Addict!


The most eye opening, uplifting, most rewarding job I ever had was working at an addictions recovery center, called, Anishnabie Naadmaagi Gamig Substance Abuse Treatment Centre, at northern Ontario.

I worked at a Nightwatch person, responsiable for up to 14 clients daily/nightly on weekends and then a cousellor trainee on the weekdays.
As a trainee, I did a mock profile. As a nightwatch person, I spent my nights ready all the material I could get my eyes on with regards to the program and watched all the videos used in the program.

At the time I was at the center, I had stated that I think everyone, no matter if you don’t have an addiction, should read the BIG BOOK or go through the program.
What eyes would be opened, to the spiritual self and how it would teach us to live, one day at a time and teach why we should. Yes there are some who fall off the wagon, no one is perfect, but you can get back up and there will be a hand reached out to help a person up.

Since I retired from the center, I always meet up with someone, strangers who are/is recovering, striking up a converstation. People recovering have great empathy and respect and see the world so differntly.

I’d like to suggest everyone read the BIG BOOK.. below is the link to it, online or if you can find a copy in a bookstore, I suggest you pick it up and give it a read..

God Bless Us All!!



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