My Child’s Protector

child molestor

I attended a church recently where a man was in attendance. In 2008, had a prior dated conviction for sexual assault, also was placed on probation for three years — the maximum permitted under Canada’s Criminal Code.
Prohibited from going to parks, public swimming areas, day-care centres, school yards and playgrounds for three years.
As well, he had to register as a sex offender for five years and must provide a DNA sample for the national registry.
So in 2013 he was no longer registered as a sex offender.

Well, sorry, but to this Momma Bear, once a child molester, always a child molester and even though a sentenced was served according to the law, for me, he is still guilty.

I did stand up to this person and told him to back away from my children and grandchildren. That I did not want him near them! I did not like the comment he made to a 13 year old, I did not like the way he was leering at the girls. He turned my stomach, my back was up and behind me I would make sure was the children, out of his reach in any form.

I as a mother vowed to protect my children when they were born and to give them the necessities of life. I vowed to my Higher Power, to the Law of Ontario, to my Doctor, to all my friends and family , but most importantly, I promised my children to protect them and I don’t care what their ages are or what age my grandchildren are, males and females.. This lady will protect them all and would die to protect them.

Yes, maybe so this church did not know he was convicted in 2008, maybe they have decided he is forgiven. I don’t know. I do know that he made complaint that day, about my telling him to stand back and away from my family, but not one person approached me after he did. I was waiting to be approached and absolutely would of stated my point of view.

What do you think, once a molester, always a molester if he served the time according to the law, that should be enough?


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