Tis the season.. So much cheer!.. It is time for family and friends feasting and frolicking, gift giving and under mistletoe kissing!

One thing no one likes to think of is if a loved one is spending any of the time over the holidays, alone. For most of us we have big enough families and a great amount of friends that we don’t have to be alone…I will be spending Christmas Eve with my children, which I look forward to… However!!.. Speaking as a single person 9 years now, apart from spending that day with my children, there has been years where I have wanted to just stay home the rest of the time by myself.

Not lonely.. And it is hard for some to understand that many singles don’t care to be in the company of a bunch of couples..lol..especially New Years Eve.. Blah. J

I have had this talk already this past month with other singles at how it is no fun being in a couple mixed dinner every day for a week over the holidays

Don’t get us singles wrong.. We envy you couples and think it is great that you have each other, but at this time of year, it is so evident that we are. Singled out. J

I have spent a few of the past 9 years at home by myself on Christmas day, no one the wiser about it, because I know there is a few who will insist I come to their home and I love them for it, but I rather stay home, eat some left overs I brought from the kids dinner or cook a burger, watch movies, do some writing or reading and let the day(s) go by without feeling.. ALONE IN A CROWD..

So if someone you know, single, thanks you for an invite to your dinner but denies it, just don’t take it personally.. It is what it is….


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