Acknowledgment ..the action of expressing or displaying gratitude or appreciation for something.

Validate: to confirm

If we acknowledge other people, we are saying, I get you. We are telling them we understand who they are, what they are saying, we are totally understanding where they are coming from. Because we have taken the time to understand. There is that big word again, understand. I don’t think there is a great amount of people who don’t want to be understood and most of the time it is a small act that can validate the other person, a nod, a smile, a thank you. But if we stand in front of a person looking like a deer in headlights, surely the other person is going to wonder why their feelings are not being validate or acknowledged.

A relationship has to be cultivated. In other words if we don’t overturn the soil in a garden each year before we begin planting the seeds, the soil becomes stagnate. It needs to be fertilized and we as humans have the free will to overturn and fertilize all our relationships by validating each other, by acknowledging each other to some degree.

Sometimes to be acknowledged can be uncomfortable for the receiver, because it is so personal. It is a reflection of that person and at times we may not want to look inward, when we get so use to seeing ourselves in one particular way or learnt to be one particular way.

But if we keep in mind, like all the seeds in our garden, they do need sunshine and water to grow to be all they can be, like a child needs love and counts on we as adults to provide the necessities of life for them to grow, we as adults never stop growing, we evolve daily, in relationships or just for ourselves, for the better of both..

By remembering 2 little words..

Acknowledgement and Validate.

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