Married Women Of Class


For little over an year now, I have regularly went to Tim Horton’s for a morning coffee and met up with 4-7 friends at once. We discuss many subjects, from politics, children, religion, recipes, local events and daily tasks.

The one thing about this coffee group is, I am the only woman who sits on a regular basis. These men are either retired or may be off work that day and can join the group once in a while. The other thing about this gang is, 95% of the men are married and I am not.

Needless to say over the time this has become a regular thing, I know for fact, gossip has reared its ugly head. Which is just that, gossip and lies. I do not want anyone’s husband or any man that may sit at that table. To me they are like brothers.. OLDER brothers.. Ha-ha.

They give me advice, a man’s point of view on different subjects and at times even ask for my point of view, which is not often, because I give my point of view whether they ask for it or not.. J

The married men in the group, do love their wives and have nothing but great things to say about the women in their lives, married or not. This is something I admire so very much. It shows they are men of class. Yes, there are times, teasing about one or the other, being on a short leash, but that is all in fun.

I have not let the local gossip bother me, for 2 reasons, 3 of the spouses of these men, has actually joined the group for a coffee or short visit because they wanted to see who this Cy lady is, which their husband may quote at home or mention in a conversation.

These women are to me.. WOMEN OF CLASS!

Secondly, the men in the group have told me not to worry about the local gossip, it don’t matter what other people say.

Good friends are hard to find at times, male or female and I count my blessings when it comes to great friends, male of female.

I have seen what damage can be done by local gossipers and how they can cause harm to so many people.. IF we let them.

I don’t mind being, just one of the guys. I have no feelings of guilt for having male friends.

Shame on those people who waste time talking nonsense.. Real women raise each other up, not tear them down.



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