The Battle Is Over

rest in peace

I have said this before and will say it again…we all leave the battle broken, as does anyone who lives through any kind of trauma…they too come home broken. So how do you piece back together the broken man, woman or child?

First we must know that we will never be the same, even once we begin to put the pieces together, but through those cracks in our armour, little rays of light shine, rays of survival, rays of knowledge, that we can share with all those around us.

HE only sends his greatest soldiers into battle and to be whole again, there is something we have to do. To get over the stresses of battle, there is something we have to do. And it is something no one wants to do, because we don’t want to revisit that battle or battles.

It is.. Returning to the battle and retrieving your soul. We leave our souls in the battle field and come back, return home, live life, with a great sense of emptiness, because our souls are left on that battle field. So how do we retrieve our souls?

Admittance we feel empty, acceptance of help to regain the strength needed to retrieve and the greatest tool will be forgiveness..

To forgive ourselves first, then to forgive who we battled with, or what we battled with.. It’s okay to ask for help to return to get what is rightfully yours.. Your soul on the battle field.. Just ask.. And the Creator will send you help, because the battle is over and there is a brother or sister that will hold your hand, there is a spirit guide to map the way for you and once you do retrieve your lost soul, from the battle field..

There will be, only then, there will be.. Peace within.



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