Divorced/Separated? Who gets the friends and family?

Young Couple Seated Back To Back

In the past few years, one thing I have noticed is how many people/friends, 40 years and older are single, after a long term relationship, men and women and it seems to be growing. I bet in this town alone, just in friends, I can count 10 and the greater number of those is women. So when you think of those people and the friends they had when they were a couple in that long relationship, then there’s the break up for whatever reason, who gets the friends? How does a friend figure that out? This is not a perfect world, thats for sure. If it was, they say, those little elves would be baking cookies in a tree trunk!.. sorry, still hungry.. ;)..anyway, how do you sort.. friends and family.. when you leave a relationship? Or if you’re the friend, what do you do or did you do?

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