A Double Life, A Gap


…..she got a palm reading done the other day.. the seer looked at her palm for a minute then looked at her with squinted eyes. She says nothing. She then bends her finger towards the center of her hand and looks at the side view. You have 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy.. Then she opened it up to a flat palm again. Looked at it and then looked at her. You poor child, have lived a double life and still do, don’t you? She grinned at the seer, said nothing. She then pointed at one of the lines, I see a gap in your life, a death, like you left this earth, you died but came back. Did you? She grinned at seer, said nothing.
When we live a life running, yet not knowing where we are running to, only know what we are running from, a double life is needed. The one that is expected and the one no one knows about, but you. Your own private hell, that balances out your heaven. She needs the enticement of her dark to open her eyes to her light. There are days, when the darkness is heavy, a week of no light. A self created world she lives and lives alone.
Some come and they go, but no one ever stays. Only because when they lay their hand on her being, she becomes invisible and they cant stay long enough to see her substance, the real her.
She don’t dream, she envisions the good and the bad and in her visions she fights her demons and wins.
Exhausted from the fight, she needs rest, and waits for that one who can fill that gap in her life, this life and who can rise above it all with her, with no questions.
Where are you? She will know when she finds him, when she touches him and they both become one at the crossroads in her death, then with him she will live again…..


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