You Can Move On!


There is nothing wrong with self preservation! Yes there will always be those who can and will tear you down, whether that be family or friends. But you have the right to back away either till you learn how to deal with it or if you feel it is so toxic you can’t, then state your position and move on. We are all guilty of wrong doing to those around us we call friends and family. But once amends are made and certain ones continue down the path of demeaning, then use your own free will and do what you need to do to disconnect from these type of people. Either they do not know how to forgive and forget or they have a dysfunctional attitude which leads them to badger and hurt you. So much hurt in this world by family and it really needs to stop. If the core of who we are, family, is broken, how do we expect to heal the rest of our world? So if we are mad at our parents for something that occurred in our growing years, forgive them. If a sibling or any other extended family has hurt you, forgive them. The greatest harm is not the pain they have caused you, but the suffering and the inability to forgive them, it will eat you up inside and cause more damage than any words they may have said or any action they may have did. Get yourself spiritually sound and listen to the music of self love.


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