Looking As Young As You Feel


I have been flattered several times in the past couple weeks, by comments made about how old I am or should I say, how young I look for my age. Two of those people that I know, yet not so personally that they know my age, actually thought I was between 35-39. Then seeing a person I have not seen in about 8 months said I look like I am 25..lol.. I wouldn’t go that young. But it got me thinking of, what am I doing to stay looking young? And I wanted to share my thoughts on that with you,. If they help you , that will make me happy.

1. I quit smoking 3 years ago, after 30 years of smoking. I know smoking was actually sucking the life right out of me. Leaving me feeling tired, looking tired and my skin color was grey, as well as wrinkled.

2. I did not drink a lot of water, I found it made me puffy in the face. But some people can drink more than 2 bottles of water a day and it does not do that to them, for myself 2 bottles of water is plenty.

3. I remove all make-up every night before bed.

4. I use an eye cream around my eyes, every morning and night.

5. Once a month for a week, I use, pure shea butter on my face before bed. If my face is more drier than most days, I will use the shea butter an extra week, at night.

6. Every night , I use a vitamin E face cream, purchased at a dollar store and in the morning use Oil of Olay Facial Lotion w/spf.

7. And last but most importantly, get happy with your life! Do what you need to do. To find some inner peace.

I was never a person who slept a lot, so I can’t say one way or another if that would or could make a difference.

I do not go out and buy the most expensive creams and make-up

I have found since I started do the above, I am able to wear less make-up and go more with the natural look, which is what we all want.. Natural Beauty!


One thought on “Looking As Young As You Feel

  1. True flatery would be from a mature point of view, is that you wear your years well and while you have a face that is both pleasing and easy on the eyes tis the beauty of your mind that outshines all.


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