I’m Not A Doctor, Why Do I Need Patience?

Patience is one thing I have little of these days. And yet there are days, when I can tolerate a lot, compared to others. I feel pretty proud on the good days, but then comes along, that one person who tends to test me, maybe not on purpose, but it is like they lit the fuse, and I am going to explode any minute.
I have learnt since I’ve began growing spiritually, that prayer gets me through a lot and it does answer my wants and needs, with that said, I’ve learnt not to pray for certain things, patience being one of them, because surely I will get a many opportunities to practice it and I don’t think the person across from me will have a fighting chance once I begin my quest with regards..lol.

People that have overcome some kind of trauma in their lives, can develop these short comings, such as little patience. And if we catch it early enough, we can learn how to either avoid situations that light that fuse of learn how to cope with situations after we are caught up in them/

I read a statement in a forum I visited, that I want to share with you… by JuneBug

……perhaps part of it involves “expectation”; when our expectations are thrown off, it’s tempting to lose our patience, and temper (and “sanity”, lol).

And to remember H.A.L.T: If you know that you are at least 2 of “Hungry, angry, lonely or tired”, chances are that it’s going to be hard to not have a breakdown in patience, temper, or management of your emotions and reactions, not to mention cognitive reasoning and strength.

So learn how to breath and turn the other cheek. Maybe in the past we weren’t able to pick our battles but now we do have the option of how long we will suffer.

Amazing how just writing this short note has lightened a load on my shoulders about just that.. Patience.


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