The other side of that cohesive exterior is an effete soul. A person who wants to be disciplined and not the disciplinary. A person who’s shoulders need to be eased of burdens and their face grasped for eye to eye contact, showing the lead. We are not meant to have one side, yet we can show only one, that side that marches through our days in control of every step, every decision, a perfect one that wins the crowds. Yet behind the door of our castle, we submit to another’s control, a new master, unlike our own, evens out our days and nights, to make each perfect, to make each something tolerated on the worse of days and anticipated on the best of days. That is control, that is self control and only you can dominate the mediocre Only you can possess the exceptional, the great, Inner self. So lick the lips of life, grab it by the hair, stimulating your deepest root, shedding light on your youthful soul.

2 thoughts on “Disciplinary

  1. Would like to get a better read of you so was wondering if you would answer a few questions for us? They may make us seem like a mad hatter but what else do you have to do with your time, and we know you like to write. We will not nitpick in answers IE: colours/shade , fish/mammal, planet/moon = same thing. Okay ready to start? We would like to know for each of the following what you would be. A colour, a bird, a tree, a flower, which element ( fire ,water, earth, air ), a fish, a domestic animal, a wild animal, a precious stone, a semi precious stone, a base stone, a precious metal, a base metal, a planet. If you were a feather which colour, green, blue, white,yellow or red. What season do you most align with. What 2 people in history do you admire most. In what time period and country would you most of liked to live in. Final one. In my life I desire ( fill in the blank ) the most. Do we have you wondering now?


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