My Abyss

by brookeshaden
Kahlil Gibran said…”Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

.. we all have our battles and crosses to bare. It is up to each of us, which battle we will fight and when we will lay down the cross. For many of us, pain is a part of our daily lives, mentally, physically or emotionally, yet it is also up to us how long and to what extent we will suffer. There is no one who can match my pain and there is no one who’s pain I can match. Our tolerance as individuals, varies, so there is no judging. can I say when my battle started? My tolerance for pain was very high, or at least I thought it was, until one day, I broke and I could not carry that cross any more. It had taken it’s toll on my mind, body and soul.. It was time.. Time to break free from the ties that bound me. Time to let God save me. Oh believe me, that first step was the hardest. It was like I opened a door, only to see complete darkness on the other side of it, my abyss?.. I knew I had to have faith and take that step. That either I would fall to my death or be raised up by something or someone greater than myself…

It was the worse morning of my life
That day I decided
No longer was I to be your wife… ~ Cynthia
( written 5/10/2010..8am)

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