Stay Passionate

If you look back on history.. Passionate women were burned at the stake.. Yikes! Passionate means to be ruled by intense emotion or a strong feeling. More than likely a very sexual person with great desires and at the same time a passionate person can be moved to anger, be quick tempered.
When we read the definitions of being passionate, like everything else, like all the emotions one person can go through in a life time, its about controlling those emotions to make your life all it can be, emotionally.
So we tend to spread that passion out amongst different parts in our lives, whether it be creating something and being able to sell it to make a living, by showing how passionate we are with writing, poetry or books. Some show their passionate side by creating music. There is so many ways to show and flex our passionate side. When we get to that point in our lives, where they say, “ oh, he bought a new sports car.” or “ oh, she is dating younger men.” People call that Mid life crisis, when I think it is just searching for what they are passionate about because over the years they forgot how to be passionate and more times out of 10, the partner they were with, did not enhance the passion in the relationship.

“Not only is being passionate sexy it earns great respect.”- Unknown

No one likes to hear that another’s persons pain is caused by them, its not that someone was caused another persons grief, but they weren’t a positive force either Being passionate as a couple, in all aspects of being a couple, is something I think 2 people can create together and when you’re passionate about each other and each others wants and needs, there will be nothing that can come between you as a couple… not a sport scar of a younger lover because you found what brings out the best in you, was in front of you all the while or you will search till you find that person who appreciates your passion as much as you will appreciate thier passion.
So be passionate as one, create more passion as two and watch your world explode better than any romance novel could read!

❤ Love + Trust + Loyalty + Great Sex = an unbeatable relationship. Throw in Passion and Communication and you have it all. ♡ Magic. ♡


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