Keeping ONE Eye Open


Do you know someone who sleeps with one eye open? Someone who is always looking over their shoulder? Someone who always does a double take on things? I don’t think that is such a bad thing. I won’t say they are paranoid, although many will, because I am one of those double taking, looking over my shoulder types myself. What’s the old saying, measure twice, cut once. And that is how I see or want to deal with things and people in my life. I have a little saying, that protects myself as well as you.. “Give me a second thought.”, meaning, usually what or who we think someone is, 50% of the time is wrong and more than likely your 2nd thought is more accurate.

I found a little write up in a spiritual blog that I want to share with you. Have a great day please and keep your peepers peeled, you never know what you may see.

On Keeping One’s Eyes Open

To get through this world, a man must look about him and even sleep with one eye open; for there are many baits for fishes, many nets for birds, and many traps for men. While foxes are so common, we must not be geese. There is a very great difference in this matter among people of my acquaintance: many see more with one eye than others with two, and many have fine eyes and cannot see a jot. All heads are not sense boxes. Some are so cunning that they suspect everybody, and so live all their lives in miserable fear of their neighbors; others are so simple that every knave takes them in, and makes his penny out of them. One man tried to see through a brick wall and hurts his eyes, while another finds out a hole in it and sees as far as he pleases. Some work at the mouth of a furnace and are never scorched, and others burn their hands at the fire when they only mean to warm them. Now, it is true that no one can give another experience, and we must all pick up wit for ourselves; yet I shall venture to give some of the homely cautions which have served my turn, and perhaps they may be of use to others as they have been to me.”


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