Spring Changes!



It never fails and I don’t question it, but I always get my answers. The answers are not written anywhere to my questions and I never know where or when I will find my them. But I am so sure that my questions are heard and always answered, that I can and will raise my hand over my heart and in my Mother’s memory say, that God comes through each and every time. I was one of those people that would cry in my pillow and ask why? Why? Why?!. Now I just pray giving thanks for what I have, who I have in my life and ask for healing with what ever ails me, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual. Once I learnt how to shake off the past, pull away from people who live a life of drama or anger, once I learnt that being alone does not mean I am lonely. That specific part I learnt 6 years ago for which I am so glad about. Because for any great changes to occur in my life, I had to open the door for goodness to enter and we learn to do that by being quiet, to let all that is positive enter our being.

Spring is here! What is spring?

Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.–Lewis Grizzard

It has been a long cold winter here in northern Ontario, which only makes us appreciate this season we call spring, even more. So what better time to waken up our own senses and have a new beginning with how we treat ourselves, again, mentally, physically and emotionally. I did start that change over a month ago with all the extra praying I did, anytime I got a chance to sit quietly, I would give thanks to God and recently my concerns regarding my own well being are slowly being answered.

Physically, I know I will live with my pain daily, but I have learnt how to manage that. Emotionally, I find if I am happy, the rest of my world around me is happy. Mentally, I go in search of the tools needed to deal with things I don’t understand at times. And that is something that will occur for the rest of our days on this earth, changes that we don’t understand.

Dad told me once, don’t try to make several changes in your life at the same time. You’re better off to give one thing your full attention, so that you don’t fail, then you carry on to the next challenge. So if you want to change your body in any way, whether it be toning it, losing weight or feeding it differently or quitting smoking or getting help with another addiction, get the help you need for that, concentrate on that. Only you as an individual can make those changes or want those changes in your life. We can’t do it for other people, because then if we fail, we have someone to blame, but when we do it for number one, it is yourself you have to look into the mirror on a daily basis, it is that person in the mirror that you are failing, not any one else.

Spiritually, there is so much material out there to assist us on how to come to a better place with regards. It is hard keeping sane in this fast paced world at times, so having faith in something greater than ourselves can and will ease our minds.

I have even learnt how to breath different. Meaning, I have learnt how to give oxygen to the vital organs in my body and that can be done when meditating or just when sitting in your office or in front of the television in the evening. When you inhale, inhale so that your abdomen expands, not your chest, then hold it for a  few seconds, then exhale. Do that a few times a day and after a while you do it without reminding yourself to do it. That is how you get oxygen to your organs, such as liver and the rest below your chest bone. Or do it, when you’re standing waiting for the street light to turn green, on your walk and get some fresh air deep in your body.

Subtle changes such as above are the beginning to a person wanting to do more for themselves. I am looking forward to the nicer weather, so I can take 2 walks a day without freezing my hiney. If you don’t take time to make a few positive changes in your life, you will be hitting brick walls of negativity for sure.

So remember..  Have faith.. Breath.. And surround yourself with positives.

Welcome spring!!!



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