Don’t Be Afraid!


Change:to transform or convert

So many are afraid of change and I don’t think it should be something feared. We do fear what we don’t understand, that is a natural human trait. But we can ‘change ‘ that. Even aging is a change and that is happening daily, something we will not be able to halt. Yes, even death is a change. So don’t try to stop it, embrace it. As we age, there is so many that don’t like to think they are getting old and wish they could stay young, they try so hard to stay young in looks, cause they don’t like the change they see in the mirror. In their quest to halt the change of aging, they get plastic surgery, that sports car, but they are still changing. It is following close, we are not going to run from it. We get slower in motion, we get a few more wrinkles, our diets need to change, our hair greys. Even I wish I could have a few years back sometimes, but all my years past were steps to my change and I like where I am right here, right now. I cant fix the past , yes I can cry over it, but it won’t change who I am today. I can worry about the future, but that won’t change anything, cause whether I like it or not, however my future plays out, is how it is suppose to. All I can do is make the right changes to be here and see what my future holds and deal with it as it approaches.

However, there with every change in my life I know God will be beside me and HE will be holding my hand through it all. I do not fear change!


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