Sad But True!! Liar Liar! Pants On Fire!


A dishonest person will clear their throat a lot, breath faster, have decreased blinking of the eyes, look away from the person they are talking to, change the subject, get defensive quickly, they add un necessary statements when answering your question..

Most of us, can notice changes in another person when they are lying. But what should we do with a relationship where a person is steadily lying? Detach. Simple. Because to be able to live life on a happy note, respect, empathy and honesty are the 3 essentials. We don’t have to have a life time relationship with everyone that enters our lives. It’s okay to say NO, to people and things that bring us more hurt than happiness. Our intuition with regards is a inner radar that most of us don’t listen to, often enough.

A person that lies a lot are usually people who can’t handle the truth, which is usually about themselves and their lives. A liar is not necessarily a bad person, they are just someone who is having a hard time with life and until they get the help they need, they will continue to make up life. Sad but true


SAD BUT TRUE! By Metallica

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