Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse. Could They?


Well take a deep breath. No one is immune to hardship, trials and really bad days, if you’re human and on this planet called earth.

I started on a spiritual path many moons ago, actually I think I was on it before I even knew I was. What I mean, is I believe my believing in a Higher Power/God even when I was a child. As a child we don’t go to sleep at night or wake in the morning thinking about what can go wrong, we actually think of what great things are going to happen in the day ahead of you.

As a child we don’t know fear, stress, hatred among other negatives. I have stated this before, children are taught to fear, hate and stress by the environment around them.

SO most of us spend a good part of our adulthood trying to over come those stresses, the hatreds and fears implanted through out the earlier years.

I say now to those who feel they are at their wits end.. Things will get better, you will learn from this, you will gain a new strength and be able to deal better with anything else that is set in your path. It would be silly to say, now that I have faith in my Higher Power,  that nothing in my life will go wrong. Of course there will be bumps in the road, but I will be dealing with them more quickly knowing that I have the support of something/someone greater than myself.

Our spiritual being dictates to our mental and physical, how to cope each and every day.

There is a new test study in, that says,

those who gave religion or spirituality a top score were shown to have a thicker brain cortex in the exact region where the cortex was thinning in those who were non-believers…and who were at high risk for depression.

So tell me this, what harm is there in believing that you will make it through that hard time you’re going through at the moment or next week or next year? You will each and every time. Just ask and you will be answered accordingly.

I was.

Bagpipes in memory of my Mother, who passed over today, January 20, 2010. Rest In Peace Mom.

You were my amazing grace..xo



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