She’s My Source Of Inspiration


I do believe there is many great things about the world wide web, that weigh out the bad and that is people who inspire. You will find what you’re looking for on this little box that links us to the world and it is always up to us what we look for, what we give notice to. I look for the positive in life. Not only on the WWW but in my personal life, among friends and family. Because I know what the negative can do and it is exactly what it says.. NEGATIVE.. Of course periodically we will find ourselves in the company of negative people, places and or things, but we have a choice to stay or leave and or never come back. If we stay long enough, we will find we feel drained and if you’re not spiritually sound, it will suck you into a black abyss. I follow many bloggers, not only on this site but others as well and even though I may not comment on each one I read, I do read and I relate, again, because I read the positive and want to be a positive. There is a great blogger/poet on this site and this evening I could not just read this blog entry, I had to share it with you…

Our Responsibility – written by.. Source of Inspiration
As we evolve spiritually,
the impact of our words
and actions gain more power.
Because we know this, we must
be especially careful to leave only
positive, life-giving forces
wherever we go. To do this, we
must be in harmony, healthy and serene.
It is not selfish to take care
of our basic needs. When we are
tired, hungry, stressed, our
energy dips leaving us vulnerable to err.

Consider carefully with whom you
spend your time and your daily
activities. Are they uplifting or
do they drain you of your life force?
How can we share with others what
we do not have ourselves?


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