Rising Above

In the past 52 years I have cheated death, for sure that I know of, 4 times, the first time when I was only a couple hours old. And there can be many more times, but only my Guardian Angels know for sure.

In the past 8 years I have said, till we meet again, to a brother and my father, who passed over within 9 mths of each other and then my Mother 4 years ago.

In the past few weeks, I have prayed for and with dear friends who have lost some one they love dearly.

In the past 12 hours I have prayed with friends for a couple, dear friends, who’s young son was recently killed in a terrible auto accident.

We can not reach this age without feeling, seeing and even at times causing pain in our lives. Hopefully we have inspired more, loved more, showed more compassion and come to realize that we only have one life on this earth, that we are given chance after chance to get it right.
That we have to treat others with the utmost respect if it is what we want in return. That the 12 commandments are not a rocket science, that the 12 steps in an AA program are not demeaning for anyone to follow but are uplifting for the mind, body and soul.

I know I am truly blessed with not having any of my babies part this world before I have.

I know I am blessed for having a Mother and Father who did the best they knew how to do, the best with what they were taught.

I know I am blessed with many great friends that I can easily call family.

I know I am blessed with the love of knowing, to hear someone say they love me, is the greatest reward at the end of my days on this earth.

I know my Higher Power, my God, will always have that missing piece of the puzzle that can be life at times, if I just ask for his help, HE will see that if all fits into the right spaces in my life.

I know I am a spiritual being in this aging body and that at times even my spirit is tested and I will feel the pain of some level of abuse, by someone else or even upon my own self. But each day I will rise and give thanks for every day I am here, because there is a reason why I am here. And even if I take my last breath not knowing or understanding that reason. I smile. Yes, I smile, because at the end of the day it is all I will have left and left to give.

Richard Wagamese said it so well, about missing someone and being able to carry on..

“Missing someone is feeling a piece of your heart gone astray. Sure, it keeps beating, sure you keep breathing, but there’s a gap in the rhythm of it, and a gap in the rhythm of the everyday things around you. You seem to move a little less gracefully – but you still move – and that’s the critical thing. Because missing someone doesn’t mean all things grind to a halt. Instead, it means you move out of gratitude for the gift of their presence in your life, you move to keep experiencing, to keep confronting life head on, so that the returning when it happens allows you to reunite with them as MORE. I miss you today… but I am in the process of becoming more for you, more human, more alive, more real despite the ache. Not a bad sentiment I figure.” *

So remember life does go on and so should we no matter what and there is a reason why we are here. Take it all in baby steps, one step, one breath, one day at a time.


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