Doing More Expecting Less

~This post & music I dedicate to my little sister, Lorey, who always gives unselfishly.~

Time Passes On

Since I started pursuing my writing passion, there has been many times I have asked out loud, where am I going with this? And I have other people ask why I have not published anything?

I can honestly say, I have no answer to either of those questions, I actually draw a blank, but the unknown does not stop me from writing or worry me, if I will ever be published.

Once we start poising questions in our minds, there is someone who begins to answer them, God, our Higher Power. Well, for me he does each and every time I ask. Some times the answer her gives may not be clear, but there comes a time when I am not paying attention, that it will hit me, that’s the answer.

We, women, have come from a long line of hopes and dreams, sometimes broken hopes and dreams. But we carry on, for what ever reason, we just do. And I am sure over the years these few words have come from a few of you lady’s mouths, “why me Lord, what am I to do with this?” – I did and I do, ask that question many times and I have this past week.

I have come across a book, online, that I want to read, it is by Francine Rivers and it’s called, A Lineage Of Grace. Here is the description of it.

The stories of the five unlikely women who changed eternity. Tamar, betrayed by the men who controlled her future, she fought for her right to believe in a loving God. Rahab, a woman with a past to whom God gave a future. Ruth, who gave up everything, expecting nothing, and God honoured her. Bathsheba, whose beauty stirred the passion of a king, and whose pain moved the heart of God. Mary, who responded in simple obedience to God’s call. Each was faced with extraordinary —even scandalous— challenges, each took great personal risk to fulfill her calling, and each was destined to play a key role in the lineage of Jesus Christ.”


To me it sounds like it will be a great read and may answer a few of my questions or why else would I have stumbled up it?

As a mother, loving dearly, my children, I don’t ask why, and didn’t ask why when I went through hard times with them. It was what it was at the time and we moved forward, on a positive note. And that was by not focusing on the problem but focusing on a solution. Which each and every time, being the right answer.

Have faith in God, he will get us through it, each and every time.


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