Christmas In Heaven


I have had a couple friends say to me over the past couple weeks, how they find this time of year hard, because they are missing someone, a loved one, who has passed over. It has left me thinking of those who have passed over that I love also and miss so much.

I can not help but think of my brother, Joey, who passed over in 2005. How we laughed so much growing up. No matter what was happening in our lives during those years, we covered the bad with laughter and made the happy times even happier with more laughter. I can still hear him talking over a coffee with me on his visits. How he would watch my children when I needed him. How as teenagers we hung out together, he was my protector, my shield against so much when I needed it.

Yes I will miss Mom and Dad, I do always, but my missing Joey is a different kind of ache.. he was my older brother.. now in heaven is my Christmas Angel and I will this Christmas think of him and for every Christmas from this one on.

Rest in peace my dear brother.. xoxoxox


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