Toronto ~ A Co-Dependent City?


What is the meaning of  co-dependency? The original concept was developed to acknowledge the behaviours people develop in time from living with an alcoholic or substance abuser. And there are a number of attributes that develop as a result of those conditions. The biggest being the tendency to get involved in a toxic relationship with people who are unreliable, very needy and emotionally unavailable. The co-dependent ends up trying to control everything in the relationship and at the end of the day does not take care of themselves, leaving them unfulfilled. The longer the relationship continues, , the fact ends up being, the co-dependent will always end up in unhealthy relations. It is a rollercoaster ride, that the abuser and the co-dependent both end up needing professional counselling.

Toronto has lost it‘s self esteem due to Mr. Ford‘s alcohol and admitted drug abuse. The city needs to ask itself, what it wants to be in life and not what it wants to be in Mr. Ford‘s life. It is time to take back it’s own power and start living healthy again, for itself and that means detaching from Mr. Ford’s issues. Mr. Ford’s reign over the city has to end, so the city can rebuild it’s own image. No more worrying if Mr. Ford gets help or not, he has his own rock bottom he needs to hit and then build himself back up from.

Toronto can be a beautiful place, they just forgot how, in the shadow of Mr. Ford.

Just saying…


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