Holding My Breath


This is starting to be a pain in the lung! Another round of pnemonia again this year, grrrrr. And it comes on so fast! One day walking, next day raspy voice talking and then you can’t catch your breath. So down to emerg we go. Lucky me I got to see the same doctor that was there a year ago when I walked in. She come in with my file in her hand and said. “Look, I treated you last year for this, I even drew a picture of your lung and where it was infected, for the file.”. What a great doctor I thought, who takes times to draw pictures of your ailment, which is good since most of the time you can understand what they write. ha!

So, she puts me on the same high dosage of antibiotic again, but this time suggests I see my family doctor about getting the Pnemonia Vaccination. Wow, they even have a shot for that?!


Composition of the Pneumonia Vaccine

Many people fear that the pneumonia vaccine will cause them to get pneumonia. This is not possible because the vaccine is not made from the bacteria that causes pneumonia. The vaccine is composed of a small part of the bacteria that cannot infect you.

Mild Side Effects

Mild side effects include swelling, soreness and redness at the spot of the injection as well as a low-grade fever, loss of appetite and fatigue

And she also suggests I use the Flovent HFA aerosol inhaler, which  is a corticosteroid. It works by reducing inflammation in the airway.

I went home curled up in an electric blanket while my teeth chattered and I shivered with fever, body ached and finally falling asleep, on the road to recovery.

I am guessing this is what I get for smoking those darn cigarettes for 30 years, even though I quit almost 3 years ago. Argh!

I am recovering, but won’t take a walk for the next couple days if it is windy out. It’s not the best way to get your breath taken away.  Ha!


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