What is a word? It’s a unit of a language consisting of sounds and or their written representation. Words are separated by spaces in writing and are distinguished by accent in many languages. We express emotions in words, they form an expression  of who we are and what we do. As I age, and try to perfect my writing, words have become very important to me and I know how one word can hurt or heal. How one word can set in motion so many different actions. So when we voice words to another, we must take to heart that what we are saying is a true expression of ourselves. Don’t’ say it unless you mean it. Because when we give our word, it forms our character and when we don’t keep our word those words can leave us with a reputation of being a man or woman, not of their word. There was one person that walked this earth who was a woman of her word to me, my Mother. What she said, she meant, every word. Now I praise those who are people of their word, for them I have the highest regard. It makes me sad when someone gives me their word and do not hold to it. Just maybe someday there will be another who like my Mother, will give me their word and keep it. I love and miss you Mom. You told me not to forget that you love me, well Mom, you have my word, I will never ever forget those 3 words.. I love you.

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