Pretty Picture


You recall the other day how I posted a picture of the river still like glass, when I was on my morning walk. At just how beautiful it was, how the trees along the shore like reflected in the water and even the clear blue sky. When things are at a place in our lives, our inner beauty reflects like that to everything and everyone else in our lives. Only as long as we are at peace to feel and calm to listen .

But when we allow other elements like the winds and rains break that peace in our lives by stirring up our waters, things are not as clear anymore. So we get caught up in a current, going round and round, pulling all the negatives close to our being, stirring up all the dirt and muck, making it hard for us to see clearly.

We at that time need to be still! Till the waters calm again, Breath to settle the rapid currents. If we don’t take that time to calm, our lives will always be like we’re caught up in the fury of rapids, pulling us up and down, tossing and turning, hitting wrongs on the way down, causing breaks and bruises. You have to grab hold of something  that is reaching out, what could be a branch of a tree along the shore is our Higher Power in our daily lives. HE will always be there on the shore, with his hand extended, however it is up to us to grab hold.


One thought on “Pretty Picture

  1. I think I share your link by mistake . Not what I wanted to do. I just wanted to say OMG I have to remind myself to do that all the time. I have learnt to lay on my bed a get all parts of my body to relax. Take time to relax.


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