Pen! Paper! Action! A Star Is Born!

Rick Riordan said ~ Writing a book is always hard work. It’s much easier to think of new ideas. You’ll get to the middle of the manuscript and you’ll think, ‘Oh, this is too hard. I think I’ll start another book instead and that will be easier.’ DON’T! That new book won’t be any easier.



I sit here on any given day, tap away at this keyboard, writing, editing, re-writing, blogging, adding, taking away. And periodically lean back into my chair, rub my eyes, rub my fore arms and hands, and look at the mass of paper before me, binders of poetry and thoughts, pens and folders, books and calenders, under a dim desk lamp light.

It is my passion this bringing characters to life, putting my thoughts down and depending how I am feeling at the time, those thoughts range from naughty, nice, saracastic and at times a little evil. However the best part is how it gets me through some painful hours by closing my eyes, focusing on something I want to write about, setting the scene and not opening my eyes till my body is rested enough to continue putting my thoughts down without interruption. Nothing worthy comes easy with this dam AS!! I fight for time, a little time to create daily and not matter how much time I am alloted, I am happy with it.

So amongest the pile of words on paper in front of me is this book I wrote over a 2 year span which I have started editing myself.. yuk!!.. but I do a little at time, just in case some day I am able to follow through with bringing it to another level, meaning a published effect. I love making up my own terms like that.. ha!

Then I had a thought tonite, why not turn my story into a screenplay??? So breifly I looked up what that would entail, it will be a challenge, but I love to be challenged. At this point I am not positive how long it will take, that being just one of the questions I will research answers to.

I am excited about giving my book a new life, a new beginning and look forward to seeing how it will grow in what ever direction that may be.


Who knows, maybe a new star will be born!


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